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Aug. 6th, 2009 01:34 am
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I know I haven't been much of a presence on Livejournal lately--but I actually have been writing. In fact, this year's assignment for the Saiyuki AU fic challenge [ profile] 7thnight_smut has just been finalized and submitted. (Even a few days before deadline, go me!)

All entries for the challenge are initially posted anonymously, so its against the rules to talk much about individual stories at this point. Suffice to say that this particular piece really has required two full months of planning and writing, as my very patient beta can attest. :D

Posting of fics to [ profile] 7thnight_smut will begin on August 26th. My impression is that there are a record number of participants this year, and archives of fics from previous years are available to folks who join the community, so it's definitely a place worth checking out. :D
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[ profile] springkink prompts are up. Claiming starts tomorrow. (Or is that today? Not sure what time zone the mod is using.)

Claiming should start some time within the next 24 hours, anyway....

ETA: Claiming's officially started.

Two months to write three fics. That should work. (Ironically, the pick that's got the most time is also the one currently bouncing around demanding that an outline be typed out for it *right now*. Arg.)

Fic rec

Feb. 3rd, 2008 01:53 am
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Most folks on the f-list are already tuned in to [ profile] springkink so have probably already seen this. It's good, and different, so I'm adding the link to my lj mostly for personal reference.

Westward by [ profile] dogmatix_san. (Rating, PG)

(Crossover: Saiyuki x LOTR. Definitely Gojyo/Hakkai, probably Sanzo/Goku. This fic is a bit difficult to describe, save that the key elements of both sources remain largely intact. Really nicely done.)
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*Glee* Kinkfest round IV is now gearing up over at [ profile] springkink. Prompt submission is open until December 15th. Fics due for posting in February of 2008.


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