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Originally written for [ profile] springkink

Title: Aromatherapy
Author: freeradical9
Rating: R
Word Count: 3200
Warnings: Rated for some suggestive bits

Summary: Yaone's life becomes complicated

A/N: Written for the prompt: Kougaiji/Yaone: Aphrodisiacs - More than chemistry at play. With sincere appreciation to [ profile] avierra, for pulling beta duties on extremely short notice.


It had seemed like a harmless request at the time.... )
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Three posts in quick succession--have been meaning to add these to my journal for ages.

Originally posted to [ profile] saiyuki_time for the first 'bonus' challenge. (I love this comm., but have despaired of ever writing anything for it ever again since the rules were clarified to emphasize that one isn't supposed to think about the plot beforehand. I ruminated on this idea for *two days* before sitting down to write it, and even knowing exactly what was gonna happen, I still barely finished in time. I am not a fast *or* a spontaneous writer. *sigh*)

Title: Reborn
Author: freeradical9
Word Count: 435
Rating: R, for disturbing themes
Warnings: Worksafe, AU, dark. Spoilers for the end of Saiyuki Reload manga volume 7

Summary: Not everyone wants for their own eyes to be opened.

A/N: For the prompt Rebirth. Written just under the 30 minute time limit in three interrupted sections--10 min, 14 min, and 5 min.


It was exactly as the youkai from the desert village had said. )
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Title: Masquerade: the Aftermath
Pairing: Ukoku/Hakkai
Rated: R
Warnings: Implied roughhousing and implied sex

Summary: What happens next.

A/N: Back by popular demand. Well, no, not really. ...But this was inspired by a comment from [ profile] jiele, "I wonder how much of the manor they're gonna destroy before someone catches on...." It was too much fun to resist. Follows about a week after the events of 'Masquerade'.


'It appears that we have worn out our welcome here.' )
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