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Passing info on through my little patch of grapevine. [ profile] samsarapine and co-mods are setting up a recs community for fanfiction/fanart/videos related to the works of Minekura Kazuya. Joining the comm is easy, and each week one or more recommendations for various fan-produced works will be delivered right to the friends page of community members. Official opening of the comm will be October 3rd, but this week will feature a series of previously-posted recs by [ profile] 7veilsphaedra. The banner says it all:

[ profile] nitro_recs: A Kazuya Minekura Fandoms Rec Community.

Help us pimp:
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On a completely unrelated note, a week or two ago I was involved in a discussion about the complete absence of Homura and company in the main Saiyuki manga storyline. I was sure I'd seen a short manga installment that featured the trio, and went on a mad hunt for some scans, but turned up nothing.

Of course, in the middle of looking for something else, I practically tripped over scanlations of it hosted at [ profile] flemmings fic site. The story is short (and the clothing on the Saiyuki boys gives a clue that this is a pre-Reload work), but the images are well worth paging through. :)

Homura Side Story

Website rec

Jan. 6th, 2009 02:02 am
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I was looking for a website of Saiyuki fic lately, and having a terrible time locating it. A comment from [ profile] smillaraaq was a big help in finding it again.

Since I don't want to lose it (until the day that the author dismantles the site completely), I'm posting the link for it here. I don't think there's anything above an R rating, but it's got lots of good stuff that's worth a read. :D

Link to Nightfall's Saiyuki fic archive

Recs post

Aug. 16th, 2008 02:50 am
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I've been meaning to put up some Saiyuki recs that I've been collecting. Fluff, action, angst, and everything in between.


Growing by [ profile] redbrunja (Hakkai/Yaone, PG-13)

(Poignant and sweet, IMHO the emotions in the fic feel very genuine. I really can't say too much more without giving away the punchline. And if that one appeals, the rather dark piece linked below which precedes it should also be of interest....)

Ghosts with a Negative Age by [ profile] redbrunja (Yaone, R)

(Dark, mature themes. The author summarized it best. Sometimes the line between killing and healing is very thin.)

Rewind, Replay by [ profile] macavitykitsune (Kubota/Tokitoh/Hakkai/Gojyo, PG)

(Crossover between Saiyuki and Wild Adapter. A conversation and a meeting.)

A Gentle Suggestion by [ profile] macavitykitsune (Rating, G. Revealing the pairing would be telling.)

(Humor. Yep, if a DragonballZ-style martial arts contest is canon, I could totally see this little interlude happening....)

Nonattachment by [ profile] p_zeitgeist (Kougaiji/Nii, PG-13)

(A scene between scenes. Nii and Kougaiji spar over chess.)

October and Halloween by [ profile] nightfallrising (Gojyo/Hakkai, PG-13)

(It's still a little early for Fall, but what the heck. Reincarnation fic, where the boys are living in the 70's.)

Eidolon by [ profile] devikun (Rating, R)

(This hurts every time I read it. An alternate ending to the "Be There" story arc.)

Senses Working Overtime by [ profile] devikun (Hakkai/Gojyo, NC-17)

(I love this piece. I think it's one of my favorite pieces of 85 porn of all time.)

Flesh of My Flesh by [ profile] opalmatrix (Hakkai/Gojyo, PG-13)

(It's a theoretical discussion of mpreg, and it is So. Darn. Cute. Fluff.

Lamp Tricks and Song by [ profile] jedishampoo (Gojyo/F, Hakkai/F, F/Sanzo, Rating NC-17)

(Dark. Stars a minor character from the anime. Warnings for dub-con, non-con, mind-control. Not a happy fic, but lovely writing.)


There's more, but it doesn't look like I'm gonna get to it tonight. Ah, well!


Aug. 5th, 2008 09:50 pm
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This is a fly-by posting because I'm traveling at the moment and not keeping up very well with internet, but [ profile] xantissa has written a sequel to a Saiyuki AU fic that I wrote a while ago, which is wonderful stuff and definitely worth checking out.

Dawn by [ profile] xantissa (Rating, NC-17)

(Sequel to the [ profile] springkink Saiyuki AU based on Joan D. Vinge's Psion. J.D. comes back.)

Also, [ profile] smillaraaq has posted scans of all the covers from the entire series of sci-fi books that served as an original source, with some pertinent observations about artistic trends here.
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I actually got some writing in today at work during lunch. I am having entirely too much fun with this Saiyuki/Bladerunner WIP for [ profile] springkink.

Some good stuff on the F-list today, as well. Since many of you frequent the same sites I do, these probably won't be anything new, but I'm reccing them anyway. :P

A new scanlated Gojyo/Hakkai doujinshi was posted to [ profile] otakupink. The only thing I have to say about Kin no Tamago is...yowzah! ...And also, as with some other works by EGS, this is emphatically not for anyone under 18.

Also, [ profile] ladylotusmoon just posted part 4 of Zang Fu Theory, which has taken some very interesting plot twists, and is definitely worth checking out. (Part 1 is here.)

And another, older rec that I never quite got around to putting up:

The Importance of Sharing Sake by [ profile] fey_puck (Rating, PG-13)

(Mild 3/5/8. Humor. Sort-of. Under the influence of a lot of alcohol.)

P.S. [ profile] avierra? I expect to have something for your e-mail inbox later tonight--probably very late.... ^_^

EDIT: Hmm. It appears one must be a member of [ profile] otakupink to see the Egg dj. Either that or the gallery is somehow age-locked related to an lj user's profile. I hadn't expected that. The link works when I'm logged in but doesn't, otherwise. Sorry about that.

Fic rec

Feb. 3rd, 2008 01:53 am
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Most folks on the f-list are already tuned in to [ profile] springkink so have probably already seen this. It's good, and different, so I'm adding the link to my lj mostly for personal reference.

Westward by [ profile] dogmatix_san. (Rating, PG)

(Crossover: Saiyuki x LOTR. Definitely Gojyo/Hakkai, probably Sanzo/Goku. This fic is a bit difficult to describe, save that the key elements of both sources remain largely intact. Really nicely done.)
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"The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away"
-Linus Pauling

Hmm. Or perhaps if one is too much of a pack rat to simply toss random ideas away, perhaps dysfunctional WIPs could be placed in glass bottles and tucked away in the basement until sufficiently aged. They certainly don't seem to be doing much good on the computer hard drive at the moment.

In the meantime, I am delighted that new things to read keep popping up on the kink meme. (Still going after nearly four months! How cool is that!) One might think that the meme host would get tired of such an overcrowded inbox and turn off commenting--but I'm rather glad that it hasn't happened yet.

Also, two more fic recs (both of which already appeared on [ profile] saiyukiyaoi, but which I enjoyed very much so am linking to them here):

Xianlang by Mosh, aka [ profile] moshesque (Rating, NC-17)

(Hakkai/Sanzo, post-journey fic. Not my OTP, but this is too well-written *not* to enjoy, and IMHO the Hakkai point-of-view is beautifully done.)

Zang Fu Theory, Part 1: Herutsu (Heart) by Lotus (Rating, R)

(Hakkai/Sanzo and also Gojyo/Jeep, although neither pairing gets terribly far into the action in this first chapter. Written for the Minus Wave Challenge round 2. This fic has a complex, well-developed plot and excellent characterization, though there are some small canon inconsistencies here and there. Overall it's quite a worthwhile read, and I can't wait to see where things go from here.) ^^
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Hmmm. Was looking at the [ profile] springkink prompts that are now up in that community, and oddly feeling not-instantly-motivated by any one in particular. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of creative prompts posted there--just most are for fandoms I'm not familiar with (although there are two there for older fandoms of mine that have been filed under "for further consideration".)

I may just wait until after the claiming rush on Dec. 28th, and pick up something then (which is what happened last round). ...Or maybe I'll just continue to work on the three *cough* current Saiyuki WIPs until they're off my plate first. The latter would definitely be the more sensible option.

Followed [ profile] chomiji's talk of [ profile] yuletide and have been happily poking around the archive at Read several memorable ones, and decided to rec some of the stand-out ones here:

Recs behind the cut )

Fic recs

Nov. 30th, 2007 11:08 pm
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Not new, but definitely worth a read. ^_^

Saiyuki: Through the Looking Glass by Mitsima. (Rating, PG-13, although it includes references to sex)

(Saiyuki x Gaiden crossover, centering on Tenpou/Kenren, Kenren/Hakkai, and Tenpou/Gojyo. A fascinating multi-chapter story with a dynamic plot and beautiful characterization. Highly recommended.)

Four Shall Ride by Treneka (PG-13)

(Sanzo-ikkou and Kougaiji-ikkou, gen. The Sanzo-ikkou find an alternate mode of transportation. I'm in awe every time I read this fic. What a scary and flawlessly executed idea.)

An Unfamiliar Taste by Ditch Gospel (Rating, PG)

(Gaiden. Konzen and Tenpou, but not in a romantic sense. A quiet moment of reflection--with subtle hints of darkness woven in. A lovely piece.)

5 Steps in The Art of War by Devikun (Rated, NC-17)

(Hakkai/Gojyo, and brain-meltingly hot. In which Gojyo has a plan.)

Fic recs

Oct. 25th, 2007 12:25 am
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Read two amazingly good Saiyuki fics this week, both quite unusual. Linking them here for future reference.

A story about robots by sockpuppet of love--AKA [ profile] andmydog (Rating, NC-17)

(I'm not sure if this direct link into an archive will work or not. If it glitches, I'll come back and fix it later. This fic is a stunning variation on Asimov's "I, Robot". There are so many beautiful well-thought out details here, and the writing is just breathtaking. Definitely one of the more creative takes on the "Be There" story arc that I've every read.)


Guiding Light by Madhumalati--AKA [ profile] macavitykitsune (Rating, T)

(Again a link into an archive, so hopefully it's live. The first and only Nii/Tenpou fic I've ever read. Really quite unsettling, and a very original concept.)

Actually, while I'm at it, I'll also list two bits from [ profile] springkink that I've really liked.

A certain responsibility by Incandescens (Rating, G)

(This is a crossover between Saiyuki and Petshop of Horrors. Flawless Goujun voice, and interesting on many, many levels (I love how Hakkai is cast as the pet!))


And I'll be there by Lady_ganesh (Rating, R)

(Ah, I feel nostalgic. And old. What a delightful rendition of Saiyuki in the 70's. The characters are great, and it doesn't take too long to pick up the undercurrent of a familiar storyline. Definitely a worthwhile read.)


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